We have a love of cooking good, healthy, food. The ingredients you use make all the difference, which is why we have painstakingly searched the world for the finest Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Modena Vinegars and Spices to use in your recipes.
The olive tree is surely the richest gift of Heaven. I can scarcely expect bread. ~ Thomas Jefferson


Our mission at Olive & Thistle is to offer the highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Balsamic Vinegars and Culinary Spices available. We are a family, determined to raise our kids with an appreciation for good food prepared with healthy ingredients. Our co-founder, LeeAnn Johnson, has an education in nutrition and a passion for cooking. Her husband, co-founder David Johnson, has a passion for eating (it’s a relationship that works!). Together, they sourced the finest Extra Virgin Olive Oils that undergo a 3-step process to confirm the Extra Virgin grading that includes a third-party impartial lab analysis.

Our infused oils are also 100% certified Extra Virgin, a rarity in our industry. Most competitors utilize “pure olive oil”, a blend of lower quality oils to save money. Our commitment is to offer only 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oils – No Exceptions!

Our hand selected Balsamic Vinegars are direct from Modena, Italy. They not only add to the nutritional value of any meal, but their flavor is (we think) unmatched! Our vinegars are analyzed by a Certified Balsamic Analyst to verify they meet IGP standards, and we are proud to offer these vinegars with zero thickening agents, colorants or artificial additives.

Our specialty spices and blends are hand-mixed and made with only the highest quality herbs, spices and salts (we have salt-free options too!). They are sure to be the perfect seasoning for your dishes for any occasion.

We believe in the power of good nutrition and that adding EVOO’s and Balsamic Vinegars to your diet could bring about extraordinary health benefits. So, as David likes to say,

“Stop cooking with crappy oil!”

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